Primera convocatoria - Proyectos totales (EN)

Total projects presented

The first call for the Entrepreneurs Fund brought a total of 409 projects, 91% of which comes from Spain and the remaining 9% comes from the rest of the world.

The proposals cover a wide range of categories. With 39%, the area of final energy consumption enjoys the largest representation, followed by energy production with 29%. Industrial projects account for 17% of the total and mobility 11%. Finally, energy transport, distribution and storage projects come in with 4%.

The finalist projects are framed within a wide range of areas of energy efficiency.

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of proposals

Nombre Dato
Spain 91
Rest of the world 9

of proposals

Nombre Dato
Final energy consumption 39
Energy transport, distribution and storage 29
Industry 17
Energy production 11
Mobility 4


Primera convocatoria - Proyectos finalistas (EN)

Finalist projects

Of the 409 proposals presented for the first call of the Fundación Repsol Entrepeurs’ Fund, 17 projects passed the different stages of assessment and reached the final phase. The finalist projects of the first call belonged to a wide variety of energy efficiency fields. Of these 17 projects, one was from Lausanne (Switzerland), and the other 16 were Spanish, from Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia and Murcia.

Of the 17 that made it through to the final stage, 7 projects were selected in the first round and went on to start the incubation process. These projects came from a wide variety of areas in the field of energy efficiency, ranging from electricity generation to the improvement of energy efficiency in industrial processes and power distribution.

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of proposals

Nombre Dato
Final energy consumption 47
Energy transport, distribution and storage 23.5
Industry 23.5
Energy production 6