Cuarta convocatoria - Proyectos totales (EN)

Total projects presented

The deadline for submitting projects to take part in the fourth Entrepreneurs Fund was 15 November. Since it began in July 2014, 243 energy efficiency project applications have been received.

Although fewer projects were submitted compared to the previous year (746 projects), the fourth edition stands out for the quality of the proposals received. While 38% of the projects have passed the first selection phase and are starting the second assessment stage, last year only 17% of the projects submitted reached the assessment stage.

The high number of projects passing to the preselection phase and their quality is the result of the significant recruitment efforts in universities and technology centres. In the fourth edition, 40% of the projects submitted come from these areas, while the previous year they only accounted for 21%.

Another relevant fact is the increase in business projects - 51% of those registered have spent more than one year on their project before submitting it to the Entrepreneurs Fund. Likewise, the number of projects submitted by existing companies has also increased from 28.5% in the third edition to 34.6%.

As for the type of projects, the largest group comes from the field of renewable energy production with 43.20% (105 projects), while last year it was 37.39%.

In second place, end energy consumer projects with 37.86% (92 projects). They are followed by projects related to conventional energy production in third place with 7.4% (18 projects), those aimed at storing energy, with 6.17% (15 projects), and transporting energy with 5.34% (13 projects).

In the fourth edition the weight of projects from other countries increased compared to the third edition: from 5 to 11.9% of all projects sent. The second country with most projects was Portugal (6 projects), while Peru and the US submitted two projects each. The rest come from Germany, Cayman Islands, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, Andorra, Bolivia, Guatemala and Venezuela.

In Spain, the regions submitting most projects were Catalonia (21 projects), Madrid (18 projects) and the Region of Valencia (10 projects).

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of proposals

Nombre Dato
Spain 88.1
Rest of the world 11.9

of proposals

Nombre Dato
Final energy consumption 37.86
Energy transport and distribution 5.34
Conventional energy production 7.4
Renewable energy production 43.2
Energy storage 6.17