Segunda convocatoria - Proyectos totales (EN)

Total projects presented

In the second call of the Entrepreneurs Fund, participation has amounted to a total of 479 projects, which represents a 17% increase when compared to the previous call.

95% of the proposals are from Spain, including projects from all 17 Autonomous Regions, while the projects from outside Spain are mainly from the rest of Europe and America.

The participating proposals cover a wide range of categories. Energy production, with 44%, enjoys the largest representation, with a large number of projects of solar and hydro energy. Secondly, we find the final energy consumption area with 28% of the proposals, followed by mobility, which accounts for 14% of the total. Industrial projects sum up to 8% of the total and finally, the category of and energy transport, distribution and storage came in with 7% each.

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of proposals

Nombre Dato
Spain 95
Rest of the world 5

of proposals

Nombre Dato
Final energy consumption 28
Energy transport, distribution and storage 7
Industry 8
Energy production 44
Mobility 14


Segunda convocatoria - Proyectos finalistas (EN)

Finalist projects

Out of the 479 proposals presented at the Entrepreneurs Fund II Call, 16 projects have succeeded over the different stages of evaluation and selection and have reached the final stage. The finalist projects comprise a great variety of categories in the field of energy efficiency. The majority is found in the renewable energy generation category, accounting for 51% of the total. Amongst these we find wind, solar, hydro, marine, and biomass energy generation proposals. The remaining proposals are distributed over the categories of nonrenewable energy production, final energy consumption, transport and distribution of energy, and finally industry.

Amongst the finalist proposals there is one coming from Portugal, while the rest have come from Spain, specifically Andalusia, Aragon, Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Catalonia, Valencian Community, and Madrid.

Out of the 16 projects, 8 were selected in the second round of the Entrepreneurs Fund. The aim of these *projects is to achieve greater energy efficiency in various areas, ranging from energy production and generation through to the distribution and end use of this power. The Fund is also supporting two projects to help them develop over the next year, so that they will be at a sufficiently mature stage to put themselves forward in the next round.

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of finalist proposals

Nombre Dato
Final energy consumption 25
Energy transport, distribution and storage 2
Industry 1
Energy production 9