Tercera convocatoria - Proyectos totales (EN)

Total projects presented

The deadline for presenting applications for the third edition of the Entrepreneurs Fund closed on 15 November with a total of 746 proposals received. This implies there has been an increase of 55% with regard to the participation in the previous edition and 82% with regard to the first. This information demonstrates that society in general, and entrepreneurs in particular, have a growing interest in and awareness of the project.

Categorised by proposal type, 42.49% of the projects are in the final consumption category, predominantly in DDA Management - Home Automation - ICT - Smart Management, Bioclimatic-sustainable building and Vehicle / electric / air.

Another 37.39% of the projects are in renewable energies, most of them focused on bioenergy, solar energy and wind energy. In the production and generation category, with 11.39% of the total, the highest number of projects are related to industrial processes. The category that has received the fewest projects is transport, distribution and storage, with 2.81%, while 5.89% of the total projects received are not in any of the aforementioned categories.

In terms of the geographical areas originating projects, 94% are from Spain, with the highest number coming from Madrid (152), followed by Andalusia (101) and Catalonia (81). As for projects from abroad, Colombia presented the highest number of projects (11), followed by Argentina and the United States, with five projects each.

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of proposals

Nombre Dato
Spain 94
Rest of the world 6

of proposals

Nombre Dato
Final energy cosumption 42.49
Energy production 11.39
Energy transport, distribution and storage 2.81
Renewable energies 37.39
Others 5.89


Tercera convocatoria - Proyectos finalistas (EN)

Finalist projects

Of the 746 proposals presented in the third edition of the Entrepreneurs Fund, 19 projects have now passed the various evaluation and selection stages and have reached the final phase. The 19 Entrepreneurs Fund finalist projects belong to different categories, with renewable energies having the most proposals, nearly 67% of the total. Six are bioenergy projects, four are solar energy projects, one is a sea-river project and another is a wave energy project.

As for the six remaining projects, three belong to the production and generation category (ACS-CLIMATE, bioclimatic building and industrial processes subcategories); two to the production and generation category (industrial processes and storage subcategories); and one belongs to the transport, distribution and storage category (Smart Grid subcategory).

Among the finalist proposals, one is from Peru and another from the USA, while the rest are from Spain, specifically from Asturias, Madrid, Basque Country, Barcelona and Andalusia.

From the shortlist of 19 projects, 6 projects have been selected for the third edition of the Entrepreneurs Fund. These projects seek greater energy efficiency in different action areas. They were announced on 25 July 2014. As with the previous edition, the Fund provides one-time support for projects for one year to help complete their maturation, to prepare them to be submitted at the next edition. In this case, four ideas have been selected for maturation.

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of finalist proposals

Nombre Dato
Final energy consumption 16.66
Energy transport, distrinution and storage 5.5
Renewable energies 66.66
Energy production 11.11