09 Mar 2017

Alliances and recognition for the projects in the Entrepreneurs Fund

The projects accelerated by the Fundación Repsol continue to receive aid and awards. Also, while developing their businesses, some of the companies being supported have reached agreements with our strategic partners.


Gnanomat, one of the startups selected for the fifth round of the Entrepreneurs Fund, has recently signed an agreement with HydraRedox Iberia, a Spanish company which specialises in creating electric batteries. Under this agreement, Gnanomat will be responsible for optimising and producing custom materials for HydraRedox Iberia accumulators. The teams from both companies will work in coordination on the design and adaptation of the nanomaterials, which are expected to give very good results in the test phase.

Also, a number of the startups in the Entrepreneurs Fund have recently received aid from the Neotec-CDTIprogramme, which is promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Economy, and Competitiveness. The aim of the aid is to create and consolidate technologically-based companies. The projects receiving this aid were Fuelium, Energy Harvesting and Kerionics, with each company receiving around €200,000.

Previously, other entrepreneurs supported by the Fundación Repsol had received the same aid, including Endef in 2015 and Smalle technologies in 2013.

In addition, the Energy Harvesting team is to be congratulated for yet another success, as they were finalists in the Energy Transition Awards, which are awarded by DENA, the German energy agency. Among the 500 companies that entered, the Catalonian spin-off, AEInnova, reached the final stage, in the future production & manufacturing category. The German company Sicoya GmbH was the winner, but as Raúl Aragonés, the CEO of AEInnova said, “just being here and the opportunities that this is going to bring us are a prize in themselves”.

Congratulations also go to Luz Wavelabs, as this company, accelerated by the Fundación Repsol, was the winner of the 1st 5G Startup Competition, for one of its pure technologies, which brings faster speeds to 5G wireless networks.

As the winners of this competition they will be able to implement the project with 5TONIC, and have access to their facilities. There they will interact with the experts at the laboratory, which focuses on research into 5G technologies and is funded by Telefónica and IMDEA.

Additionally, with the support of the Entrepreneurs Fund, the team is working on the Pure/T, project, which uses terahertz technology for a more efficient refining process.