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Through the Entrepreneurs Fund, Fundación Repsol supports and accelerates the development of the best innovative proposals in the field of energy and energy efficiency, mobility, generation of energy close to the consumer (distributed energy generation), energy storage, industry digitalisation or new materials for the energy and chemical industry.

We have two support categories:

  • Business projects that have a new technology sufficiently proven in the laboratory or other controlled environment, commonly called a "small-scale prototype".
  • Ideas that are at an earlier level of technological development than the previous one.

Acceleration process

Fundación Repsol selects the best start-ups among the proposals presented to participate in an acceleration process.

We support entrepreneurs at all levels: economic, training, networking, prototype testing, dissemination, etc. to adapt their proposals to market requirements.

In addition, Fundación Repsol helps in the search for additional capital for the development of the selected proposals, putting them in contact with seed capital and venture capital investors.

The call is open to projects and ideas from anywhere in the world, and it is not necessary to move to any particular workspace except at specific moments in the acceleration process.

Likewise, in order to participate, it is not necessary to have an incorporated company; however, if the proposal is selected, the creation of a company is essential.

Being selected by Fundación Repsol for the acceleration process does not imply any transfer of shareholding or intellectual property of the company.

To learn more, consult the participation rules.

How long does the acceleration process last?


The acceleration of projects lasts 12 months, with the possibility of being extended for another year depending on the specific needs of each project and if approved by Fundación Repsol.


The acceleration of ideas lasts a maximum of 12 months, with the goal that they can accelerate their technological and business development and can present themselves, under equal conditions, to the next calls of the Entrepreneurs Fund in the Project category.

We offer


    Projects: receive up to €144,000 per year for business development, prototyping and validation tests.

    Ideas: €24,000 during the acceleration year.


    Technological, legal and business advice coordinated by a team of mentors from different fields:

    Fundación Repsol: coordination and monitoring of the acceleration process.

    Repsol Group: technical and business support.

    External advisors: expert business guidance in the commercial, financial and legal area.


    Project planning, business model, legal aspects, intellectual property, HR, marketing, or financing.


    Access to investors through our own investment forums and our collaborators.


    Possibility of access to industrial facilities for prototype testing.

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